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Ayten AlKhayat’s latest collection takes inspiration from RAW nature and it’s patterns. Her collection narrates the existence of life to express the juxtaposition. Her lines were further considered to amplify the feminine, soft flow of the silhouette fused with structure to reflect core strength. Transforming the richness of nature into textured fabric that is mostly undyed translates the designer’s vision of using RAW modern minimal shapes.

All Fabrics are carefully handpicked from Europe and Japan to guarantee its natural quality. Most of the fabrics are undyed, maintaining its natural colour and texture.  The brand places so much emphasis on the choice of its fabric as it plays a major role in its DNA. 


Clothes are made between Dubai, Italy and Spain mainly.  RTW line, emphasis on dresses and coats. Prices Range from 90 to 300 Euros.


RAW was selected to show by the AQ Market Showroom in Paris, March 2018. And selected again to show in the ASHOWROOM Paris.



25th September- 2nd October 2019 

10.00 – 19.30

For appointments, please contact

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